Terms & Conditions

  1. The school will process personal data concerning students and parents, including sensitive personal data such as medical details of students.
  2. Students and parents are subject to the school’s policies, some of which are on the school website www.bsalex.net and others are available upon request from the school.
  3. The school takes students on short educational visits which may mean nominal costs and that the school is not to be held responsible for any injury or accident which may occur although all due care and attention will be taken; the school has public liability insurance cover for the premises. Similarly, accidents could occur on school premises and the same would apply.
  4. Students have to adhere to the school’s rules and regulations at all times including the adherance to the school uniform policy as outlined in the parental handbook.
  5. The standard terms and conditions of the British School will undergo changes from time to time as circumstance require and will apply to all students and parents regardless of when students joined the school.
  6. Parents have the responsibility to pay fees on the due dates and any sum required in respect of their child’s education.  If fees are not paid on times their child’s place at the school will be jeopardised and the parents would be subject to late fee payment charges.
  7. Expatriate families are required to pay fees in Sterling. Dual nationality and Egyptian nationality families are required to pay fees in EGP.
  8. All students are expected to partake in all areas of the curriculum and the school reserves the right to not offer a place for the student in the following academic year if any aspect of the student’s performance, attendance and punctuality or behaviour is deemed unsatisfactory. In cases of serious misbehaviour a student would have to leave at the end of that term or in very extreme circumstances such as serious physical violence with immediate effect.
  9. In the case of any parent who publicly defames the school or make comments on social media that are detrimental to the school, this will result in the parents having to move their child to another school. Similarly if a parent is abusive (verbally or physically) towards a member of the BSA staff, they will have to move their child to another school.
  10. Egyptian families are obliged by the Egyptian Ministry of Education to undergo their Arabic and Social Studies examinations. Such students would also have the option of taking IGCSE Arabic and A-level Arabic in addition to the Ministry examinations if they so wish.