The science department at the British school, Alexandria has an international outlook, but retains a local relevance. The environment we provide gives pupils the opportunity to contextualise their learning and the content has been chosen to accommodate a wide range of learners, avoid cultural bias and develop essential lifelong skills, including creative thinking and problem-solving.

Our aim is to balance knowledge, understanding and skills in our lessons to enable pupils to become effective learners and to provide a solid foundation for their continuing educational journey.

Both students and teachers alike work very hard to cover the syllabus while keeping the excitement and curiosity alive in Science. This academic year, the Science Department welcomed two new members to the team, Mr. Ahmed specialist in Chemistry and Ms. Hemady, with a specialism in Physics, both new to the School and Egypt.  I am very pleased to say, there has been an increase in students taking up one or more of the Sciences in 6th Form, with some students taking AS in all of the three Sciences we offer, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I am also happy to say Year 11s are progressing extremely well and IGCSE results looking very promising! There have been so many highlights this term, the Science Department joined the Arabic team and took the year 10s to a very successful visit to the Labanita Dairy Farm; during Extended-Curriculum Day, year 11 and 6th Form students joined us for a whole day of explosive experiments and demonstrations. We joined the Maths department during Maths & Crime Week and offered students a range of activities, from extracting DNA to fingerprinting. With many more highlights to come, I cannot wait for next term!  Ms Marta Carvalho, Head of Science.

It has been great to get to know the students this term. I have been delighted with the hard work and student engagement in science lessons.  The creativity that the year 8s put into their ear defender poster advertisements, the detailed research behind year 7s presentations of different types of energy resources and the consistent use of logical steps in their approach to solving complex physics problems demonstrated by upper school physics students, to mention but a few. Mr Michael Morrin

The highlights for me this term have been the ever increasing number of practicals students have carried out, from extracting DNA, dissecting a cow's eye to extracting chlorophyll from leaves. The main highlight however was Curriculum Day where the science department went all out to show how fun science can be, carrying out some of the most exciting experiments science has to offer! Mr. Junaid Rawoot

It has been a pleasure to work with such hard working enthusiastic pupils, and staff alike. The highlight of this term for me was in October, when we had the opportunity to take the students to a local orphanage and spend time playing with the children and feeding the babies. It was a very enjoyable day in all aspects, and also allowed for a great opportunity to further build professional relationships with the pupils within the wider school environment. Mr Kabir Ahmed 

Marta Carvalho
Head of Science

Assessment Grades for Science 2018-19

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Key Stage 4