School Uniform

All students are expected to wear the school uniform purchased from our uniform outlet. All items will show the School logo (please see the following Photo Gallery). The uniform must be clean, ironed and of a suitable size and length. If a student cannot wear an item of uniform on a particular day, parents should explain this to the tutor by writing in the diary. Without such a note of explanation, students risk being sent home. NB. Jeans are never acceptable in school.

Daily School Uniform Requirements

  • A blue polo shirt bearing the School logo.
  • Navy blue shorts, trousers, skirts and dresses of a tailored style also available at our outlet– no cargo trousers with large pockets or jeans of any kind at all.
  • Plain navy blue or black socks for boys – no logos or patterns of any kind – socks cannot be trainer socks, they should clearly reach above the ankle.
  • Plain white socks for girls – no logos or patterns of any kind – socks cannot be trainer socks, they should clearly reach above the ankle only in Primary.
  • Plain black leather school shoes for both boys and girls; due to the play areas we do allow plain black smart trainer style shoes only in Primary.
  • Navy blue school pullover bearing the School logo – available at our outlet.
  • A navy blue sweater and a hoodie are available at our outlet.
  • In very cold weather, a dark waterproof jacket may be worn over the pullover if your child is cold.
  • From Year 1 upwards, all students must have tailored shorts, trousers or skirts.

Senior School

All students must wear the correct school uniform and failure to do so will result in the student being given a referral and/or a detention. The school uniform is essentially a blue or red school polo shirt and navy blue school shorts, skirt or trousers, black or navy blue ankle socks and black leather school shoes (not trainers). The only jewellery that is allowed are a watch, a necklace of religious significance worn below the polo shirt and one pair of stud ear-rings. If a student has more than one pair of ear piercings, the studs must be clear plastic ones. Full details of the school uniform are on the school website.

Physical Education (PE)

  • ONLY FS1 and FS2 children may wear their PE shorts every day. 
  • Boys and girls must wear the school PE t-shirt and PE shorts, plain white socks and sensible trainers.
  • In cold weather they can wear the school's sweatshirt.. The navy blue school pullover may not be worn during PE lessons. 

Other Requirements

  • Long hair must always be tied back with a simple dark hair band.
  • Boys who are allowing their hair to grow longer will also be asked to tie their hair back.
  • The only jewellery permitted is a watch and stud earrings – both these items must be removed during PE lessons.

Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13)

For Sixth Formers, school uniform is the 6th Form polo shirt, navy blue or black trousers and dark school shoes.