Year 8 Trip to the Corniche and Spiritual Tour

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 08:52 -- Lydia Makram

What an action packed day the Year 8’s had. They started bright and early investigating coastal sea defences next to the Fort, complementing our Coastal work in Geography. This included asking questionnaires to locals about their thoughts about climate change. They then did a litter survey, swiftly moving onto a guided tour by the main expert in Alexandria on Fort Quay Bay organised by the French Antiquity centre. We discovered that the land around here is prone to flooding, damaging the foundations of the Fort.  After an ice cream break we were treated to a visit to St Catherine’s Catholic Church, finished with a very unique visit to the biggest Synagogue in the Middle East, based here in Alexandria. We were saddened to find that only 20 Jewish people now live in Alexandria.  This religious and heritage based tour has certainly made our students more tolerant of different cultures tying in nicely with some of BSA’s code of conduct and guiding principles of respect, equality and social justice.

Stevie Abbott
Humanities & AS History Teacher