Year 5 science lesson & arts

Wed, 04/02/2015 - 12:57 -- Lydia Makram

The Year 5 students have been hard at work this term. Everybody has become artists as we’ve been immersed in the inspiring world of Pablo Picasso. We’re also doing lots of other creative things such as acting and learning songs from the school production. Miss Lucas and Mr Booth were impressed with everybody’s hard work for the auditions… Hollywood, watch out! In English the children have been learning about how to write biographies of famous people. Everybody has different interests and the range of topics chosen has been fantastic. Do you want to know more about Maradona, Will Smith or Lee Chong Wei? Just come and visit Year 5!

The Year 5 class have also been learning about the life cycles of different living organisms, from plants to mammals. We planted some cuttings last week and are hoping that they are soon going to grow to become healthy young trees that will produce their own seeds. Gardening is not so easy, we discovered, but we’re hoping that water and the sunlight will do their work!

Miss Lucas & Mr Booth

Year 5 Teachers