Year 2 Red's Starry Night Art work

Sun, 16/02/2014 - 15:37 -- Bethany Hindley

This half  term Year 2 have been studying Space.  As part of this topic,  Year 2 Red  have looked at artwork by Van Gogh and his 'Starry NIght' painting.  

The children began by studying the style of Van Gogh and looked at how he created texture in his work.  Over the following few weeks they drew their outline of their version of 'Starry Night' and painted the sky, then the hills and finally the builidngs in the town.  To add detail and texture to their painting the children added swirls and dashes with pastels.

I think you will agree that Year 2 have become fantastic artists this term, working hard to master the new paint and pastel techniques.

They have  thoroughly enjoyed the topic of Space.