Year 2 Red Chocolate Tasting

Tue, 04/03/2014 - 15:39 -- Bethany Hindley

To start our new topic of "Chocolate" Year 2 had a tasting afternoon.  They were answering the question "Which flavour combination  do Year 2 like the best?" 

The children worked together to chop up all the ingredients that they were going to try. Then they waited patiently for their first chocolate taste.  The combinations to choose from were chocolate with; strawberry, banana, orange, caramel or nutella.

They started with a piece of chocolate and then they put it in their mouths with a piece of strawberry.  They seemed to like it as there were lots of happy noises and expressions like " That was fantastic!" and " Soooo delicious!"

They continued in this way until they had tried every combinatination.  Abdallah really disliked the orange and chocolate mixture! Nutella was a real favourite for some, especially Yehia who decided to eat just the nutella on its own!

After that Year 2 had the difficult decision to choose their favourite flavour.  When they had done so they collected the class information into a tally chart. Some children presented the information in a block graph.

Next week we will be making chocolate treats and deciding on our favourites.  We aren't doing this just because we like chocolate, the aim of the DT topic is to design and make a new chocolate treat.  They will even make their own packaging so we will keep you updated on our progress but we definitely enjoyed ourselves today!