Year 2 on the hunt for right angles!

Tue, 11/03/2014 - 11:02 -- Bethany Hindley

This week in maths Year 2 have been investigating measurement and angles.  

Both classes made right angle finders out of card and split pins and then they went on a hunt to find some!

Mr St George's class spotted lots of right angles in his classroom.  Miss Hindley's maths group explored in the classroom and in the play ground!

The children were very enthusiastic to find as many objects and playground equipment that had right angles.

They now have a great understanding of what right angles look like and can apply them to making quarter turns.

Tomorrow we are going to investigate shapes that have right angles and see if we can make our own using our right angle finders!

I wonder if Year 2 can find any right angles with their right angle checkers at home?