Year 1 outing

Tue, 19/11/2013 - 17:00 -- Lydia Makram

On Monday November 11, Year 1 went on an outing to explore the area around the school. Our particular focus was RUBBISH. We planned to compare and contrast the Consulate Gardens and nearby Mina Park to find out if the environment was being cared for? We found that there were beautiful trees, plants, flowers and grass in both places but that Mina Park had been spoiled by people dropping litter. The children described the rubbish as HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING, SMELLY and DANGEROUS. They sang the song, ‘Don’t drop rubbish, put it in the bin’. They promised that they would never drop litter and would try to grow up as people who take care of their environment so that we can all enjoy it.

We had a wonderful outing. We sang songs and played games. We shared the story of the Litter Queen. We drew pictures, made rubbings and took photos. We had a lovely picnic lunch on the grass. We learned a lot and had fun.

Thank you to the Consul General and her husband , the security guards and everyone else who made our outing possible.