Week ending October 21st

Thu, 15/11/2012 - 12:49 -- Lydia Makram

We had a wonderful, exciting week in FS2 Red. On Sunday we went to visit the hospital. The children had a fantastic time pretending to be doctors; they got to explore the inside of the ambulance and hospital. They learned how to wash their hands correctly and how to put on a bandage. They also all got a very nice present and their own doctor coats to take home with them.

On Tuesday we had a very spooky day as we had a “Halloween” themed day. The children tried some very spooky and gruesome activities. They created their own potions, visited the “Mad Scientists laboratory”, sang some witch songs and created their own Monster portraits! J

In Topic this week we started our new topic of “Festivals and Celebrations”. We started with the celebration of Eid El Adha, we read the Eid story, discussed how Eid is celebrated around the world and what the children do to celebrate Eid in their homes and in Egypt in general. We also created “Happy Eid” cards. In Phonics we continued with our new sounds, blending and segmenting them. We learned how to write the letter “t” using our cursive handwriting and in Maths we focused on estimating and identifying numbers in a group.

As you can see FS2 Red had a very busy week. Enjoy the pictures!

Ms Greaney