Week ending November 8th 2012

Thu, 15/11/2012 - 12:53 -- Lydia Makram

Welcome back to FS2 Red! We had a wonderful time this week listening to all the children’s holiday adventures. Charlie the bear even got to visit the pyramids!  Some children created beautifully detailed pictures of where they went and what they did. In topic this week we revised “Eid” and the children shared how they celebrated it at home, they cut out coloured and sequenced the events into their topic books.We also learned a nice song about “Eid” In Phonics we have been revising all our sounds as well as learning the new sounds “ll,ss,ff”.  We learned how to write “h” using our cursive handwriting following our magic pencil guidelines! The children were very excited to use their new chalk pens in beautiful bright colours. In Maths we focused on ordering the numbers 1-20. We even created our own personalised number line to put up in the garden.