Swimming Lessons

Sun, 10/05/2015 - 10:13 -- Lydia Makram

Welcome to the Summer Term at The British School, Alexandria. We were delighted to have brought swimming lessons back to Alexandria Sporting Club, after a hiatus of almost 5 years - which have been welcomed by our students with great enjoyment. We worked to a jam-packed, tightly-compressed schedule, filled with fantastic, enjoyable learning and support. This area of the curriculum was chosen to run in Sporting Club to offer an even higher standard of facility and swimming experience for the students. I would like to thank the PE department and all teachers for their support and assistance in the running of this endeavour, the parents for all their help and encouragement, and all our fantastic students, who really were a credit to the school in their effort, attitude and behaviour. I hope this has inspired you all to continue swimming - it is a skill for life, not just for summer - and we do live in a most beautiful region, full of opportunities for a great swim!

Mr Haytham El Tonsy

Head of PE