Special Events

Book Week

Mon, 29/01/2018 - 13:53 -- Lydia Makram

Book week 2018 was a hugely successful week which focused on poetry and performance. All children in Prep and Pre-prep learnt a poem by heart, with the older children performing their chosen poem to their year group and, using specific success criteria, assessing each other. Children then voted and the best of each year group recited their poems in our Book Week assemblies. Alongside the recitals, many competitions took place, including ‘guess how many books are in the library’, a design a bookmark competition and an extreme reading photo challenge.

Computer Science Week in Senior School

Mon, 11/12/2017 - 11:36 -- Lydia Makram

Students this week have been using Google Cardboard and VR apps to look at how VR can change our lives and potential uses for it in the future. Students were making 360 walk throughs of where they live and where they come to school. Y10 students gave Y8s a lesson on using BBC Microbit Computers, which was really fun. Students Yassein, Lina, Mohamed, Mariam and Bahira demonstrated good CS knowledge as well as great leadership skills in planning and delivering a lesson using technology new to the BSA.

International Day 2017 in Pre-Prep

Thu, 07/12/2017 - 15:05 -- Lydia Makram

In Pre-Prep we had a great International Day! FS1 learnt about Italy and FS2 learnt all about Cambodia by participating in different activities in each class. In KS1, we went all around the world and visited Scotland, the UAE, Australia, England, America, Italy and France! For lunchtime, we had lots of fun and really enjoyed our shared buffet at Heron Campus organised by the FOS.

Summer 2017 Examination Results

Mon, 25/09/2017 - 13:44 -- Lydia Makram

Congratulations to our students on their excellent examination results.

  • At GCSE a third of the grades were A* grades and 56% of grades were either A* or A grades.
  • At AS and A-level, 46% of grades were either A* or A.  

In particular Julie Porcheron, Sheharyar Bin Ali and Yehia Elkafrawi all achieved three A grades at AS and Amir Guirguis achieved three A grades at A-level.  At GCSE Mariam Elsayedan and Sara Urso achieved eight A* grades and Nadia Bitar nine A* grades.

Once more we were very proud of our students!

Prep School Production "Keymaster"

Mon, 10/04/2017 - 15:53 -- Lydia Makram
Prep School worked incredibly hard this term to produce our all singing, all dancing show of the Keymaster. This was an important part of their speaking and listening work, as well as incorporating music and history. Thank you to all of the parents who supported the production and another well done to all of the students. Special thanks to Miss Hania and year 6 for the stunning backdrop and well done to Jada and Kamal in Y3 whose designs inspired the backdrop and the programmes.

Senior School Production "Bugsy Malone"

Mon, 10/04/2017 - 15:38 -- Lydia Makram
This week the Secondary School have been performing the spectacular musical, 'Bugsy Malone' in the school hall. After a multitude of rehearsals and hard work everybody did a fantastic job. There was singing, dancing and of course lots of acting. Thanks to everyone who was involved, especially the amazing cast. Two really enjoyable evening performances were attended by lots of parents, students and teachers and the set and costumes looked just brilliant.
Mr Booth and Miss Terry 
Joint Head of Performing Arts