Science week in Y1 Blue

Mon, 25/05/2015 - 13:43 -- Lydia Makram

Year 1 Blue had a great time in Science Week  full of fizzing, popping and exploding.  On Sunday and Monday we experimented with Baking Soda and Vinegar to cause a reaction.  We made rockets and had a competition to see who could make the highest flying rocket.  On Tuesday, Year 7 came across to help us find out what would happen when we mixed our ingredients and sealed them in a bag.  It was amazing to watch the bags expand, and some of them even burst open!

On Thursday we went on a trip across to the Science labs in the Senior school.  There, we got dressed up like scientists with lab coats and safety goggles.  Then Mr Schito taught us about a metal that can be burnt and another one that explodes when you put it in water!

We learnt a lot about what happens when different substances mix.  We had an interesting discussion about why these happened.

Our Star Scientist of the week was Alma Daaboul who was able to make predictions about what she thought would happen, as well as give a really clear explanation of gas formed and caused the rockets to explode.  Well done Alma! 

Ms Gabrielle Vallely
Y1 Blue Teacher