New York TED Conference

Sun, 17/05/2020 - 12:56 -- Lydia Makram

We have recently come back from a trip to New York and it is difficult to describe how wonderful the experience was. The girls were fantastic ambassadors for the school and gained tremendously from attending the TED Ed Conference. We were lucky enough to be granted six tickets to this event, listening to and working with some of the greatest thinkers in education / global issues around the world. 

Jana El Sabeiny, Nazli Delphin Oksuz, Farah Aboughaly, Nabila Osman, Haya El Sayed and Kenzy Sayed, alongside Mrs. Jackson and myself, explored New York earnestly, attending a range of attractions including the Museum of Modern Art, ice-skating in Central Park, the view from the top of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, New York City Hall, riding the subway, identifying key architectural structures in the city, walking the High Line, attending a Broadway Show and tasting the very best food that New York has to offer! 

The girls have used the event to help develop ideas on how to present their own TED talks and these will be available to watch soon! A number of photographs have already been uploaded to Instagram so be sure to check them out on the SeniorBSA account. Here are some others that have made it into the video that will also be put online soon.

Mr Rudd