Maths Week in Prep and Pre Prep

Sun, 27/10/2013 - 11:21 -- Bethany Hindley

The week beginning the 20th October 2013 was Maths Week in Prep and Pre Prep.  The teachers were asked to plan exciting lessons that encouraged children to work together and to carry out practical tasks.  The focus was on problem solving and doing maths outside of the classroom.

On Thursday 24th October, all of the classess in Prep and Pre prep celebrated their favourite activities in their assembly.

Year 1 Red told us that they had been learning about things that were taller, longer and shorter.  Amena said “We put the children in class in order and we found out that Mohammed was the tallest and Ali was the shortest."

Year 1 Blue said that they had collected leaves in their maths lesson.  They had to put them in order from tallest to shortest.  One group had a large leaf and they had to find things that were taller and shorter than their leaf. Jonathan said

“I found a lunch box basket that was longer than my leaf. The cup for the pencils was a lot shorter.”  

In Year 2 the children took part in  different activities, such as a treasure trail, ordering numbers, and measuring. In the assembly, Marwan, Louis, Adham E and Omar E showed the school how to measure the circumference of their heads. Marwan also shared his measurement passport that all of year 2 completed.

Year 2 shared all of their favourite activities in an acrostic Maths week poem.  Their favourite task was to make cup cakes and then decorate them by splitting the cake into quarters.

Luke in Year 3 told everyone about their maths week, “We looked at shapes and tried to find as many shapes around the school.  We found triangles, stars, squares, rectangles, and some 3D shapes like cylinders and cuboids as well. A cylinder is the same shape as a pipe.”  

Year 3 did some measuring activities, Younis explained, “We learned about data handling and we measured our height and we measure our strides. Momen had the longest stride.” 

Miss Lucas' Year 4 class had a very busy week of problem solving, finding the numbers of squares on a chess board and the lung capacity of each child.  It sounded like very interesting work!

Year 5 spent one of the lessons in maths week remembering all they knew about 2D shapes. In groups, they were challenged to create as many “shapes within a shape” as they could using 15 long sticks, 20 short sticks and some matchsticks. They all worked really hard, despite the windy day, and most groups managed to create more than 100 shapes in a shape. 

In the assembly Year 6 did a fantastic demonstration of their kite making skills, they explained what a kite was and then tested to see if they could fly. Abdallah also told us about their problem solving activity,

“We made an Ancient Greek game. We had to measure lots and lots of squares which was challenging."

Every child in the school worked really hard this week and they showed in assembly just how fun and exciting maths can be.  

We would like to thank all of the teachers for creating such an interactive and challenging learning week!