Maths Problem Solving Day

Mon, 10/06/2019 - 15:28 -- Lydia Makram

On Sunday 9th June we welcomed MBIS (Maadi British International School) and BISC (British International School Cairo) to Euclid Hall for a day of maths activities. We started the day with a logic puzzle, where the children working as a team, had to fit the clues together to find the answer. A great activity to break the children into the day, where we saw different levels of teamwork. The next activity was the Powerlines. The children had to use set numbers to create lines totalling a number. Great fun was being had by all. My personal favourite event was next, the Shuttle relay! Children were split into 2 teams. The first team needed to solve the problem, get the answer checked before passing it to their teammates. It was hectic, it was fast and it was all about the accuracy! Our final team activity was to complete shape puzzles, every team was successful! The final round was the individual year group Quickfire round. The teams competed fiercely and the tension built and built! Amazingly, BISC won the Y4 event, MBIS won the Y5 event and BSA won the Y6 event - hooray! For the final standings of the day's events led to MBIS being awarded the Aidan Desmond trophy! Worthy winners, but BSA, who came second will try next year to win the trophy back! Massive thanks to Aidan Desmond for the creation of activities, which were challenging! Thanks to Ms Costello for helping to create the day! An amazing day of maths!

Mr Brady