International Day - FS & Year 1

Thu, 06/12/2012 - 09:56 -- Lydia Makram

On Thursday 29th November the BSA took part in yet another successful “International Day.” At Mina site, each classroom became a country for the day and the children travelled around in their classes from one country to the next, taking part in themed activities.  When  they travelled to Australia, they painted an Australian animal using aboriginal patterns.  In Spain children learnt some Flamenco dancing moves from Ms Walsh.  The lucky children who travelled to China made Chinese hats and learnt how to write “Lucky” in Chinese, with Mrs Astbury.   In Kenya, with Ms Edwards, the children sang an African song and learnt how to say some numbers.  Ms Greaney taught the children about where she is from in Ireland and they listened to a story about leprechauns.

After all the fantastic activities in the morning the children were then able to sample the tasty delights from countries all around the world.  It was a fantastic day and one which the children look forward to every year.