Wed, 11/03/2020 - 10:07 -- Lydia Makram

Dear parents,
We were hoping to avoid closing BSA at this moment in time as we feel that this will be detrimental to our students’ education. However, as you might be aware, there has been an announcement from the Egyptian government today (14th March) that all schools are to close for a period of 2 weeks from tomorrow, 15 March, as part of the government’s measures to combat Corona virus. We have not been able to give you earlier notice of this closure as we were not pre-warned of this announcement, but we will certainly abide by it.

Work will be set on Google classroom together with a range of online resources. Students will also be able to submit work on Google classroom to be marked by teachers. We are finalising the details of having some online lessons using Zoom and we will be sending you further details.

We believe that e-learning will never be a total substitute for face-to-face learning between students and teacher and that the social interaction between students and students, and students and teacher is part of learning. However, we will rise to this challenge and ensure that we do our very best to ensure that effective learning and teaching continues to occur and that any disadvantages are minimised as far as possible.

We will keep you updated by email and we thank you in advance for your support in these challenging times.
Yours sincerely,
Justin Blakebrough