HPL Award

Sun, 14/06/2020 - 13:57 -- Lydia Makram

The British School Alexandria receives an International Award for its work on High Performance Learning

British School of Alexandria is celebrating. It has been recognised as one of the very best schools in the world
and has been accredited as a “High Performance Learning World Class School”. We are the only school in
Egypt to have received this award.
The award recognises schools at the forefront of educational thinking with exceptional outcomes for students.
The British School of Alexandria now joins an elite global community of schools from Dubai to Mexico who
routinely share practice and support each other.

Professor Deborah Eyre, Chair at High Performance Learning (the accreditation body) says:
“Truly world-class schools understand that while grades are important, producing students who are
intellectually and socially confident, work-place and life-ready with a global outlook and concern for
others is our true aim.” British School of Alexandria has worked hard to strengthen its practice and to
move closer to the vision of every child becoming a high performer.”
Staff and students at The British School of Alexandria had to go through a rigorous and demanding two-year
journey, which was supported by HPL, to encourage all children to achieve success academically and
throughout their lives.

The British School, Alexandria is the only school in Alexandria which is accredited by the British Government
and meets the same high standards as independent schools in the UK. Its standards are monitored through
British Schools Overseas inspections every three years. Its most recent report recognised the BSA as school
with many outstanding features. Comments in the report include: “the school recruits staff of the highest
calibre”, “The quality of students’ personal awareness and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural
development is outstanding and a key strength of the school”, “Students develop excellent attitudes to
learning”, “results exceed UK national expectations”, “Personal development is of a high order” and
“Students feel secure and valued within the friendly mutually trustful learning environment that prevails”.
The following is a quotation from one of our students: “at BSA the teachers do not spoon feed you they teach
you how to think for yourself”.