Principal welcome

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our school and myself as the Principal of The  British School, Alexandria  and to welcome you. I was appointed very recently, after having completed contracts as the Director of Learning, at a college in Romania, A consultant in Kazakhstan, and as a Headmaster of a very successful school in England. I am fully experienced in the British educational system, the standards and the British ethos, and on a personal level I am a father of two daughters, one a teacher, and the other still at school. I am looking forward to integrating into Egyptian culture and learning the language. 

The British school of Alexandria, presents a unique educational offer in Alexandria; we are the only school that prepares young people, in a fully immersive British Curriculum delivered by qualified UK staff, supplemented by Egyptian national studies, ensuring that every graduate of BSA is able to access the top universities worldwide as well as here in Egypt.

We are a self-evaluating school, always looking outwards and onwards, to find better ways of teaching and inspiring learning. We invest in our staff through training so that they can deliver first class lessons with up to date subject knowledge, and utilising innovative teaching methods. We evaluate and report to parents the progress every child makes, and also provide interventions when progress is not quite as good as expected. 

We have a well-developed sporting tradition: the creative arts are encouraged, and our co-curricular learning is championed by our staff for the benefit of all our children.

I am here to encourage ‘greatness’ – greatness in every single child, so that they become the young person that they want to be, to maximise their qualifications and connectivity with the world, and equally to develop the reputation of BSA even more, so that every graduate is proud to say they were part of, and will continue to be a part of the extended family that is the British School of Alexandria. A family where we care for one another, and support one another along the journey of life.

We know that tomorrow will be different from today, and my mission is to make sure that every next day is better day, a day when children feel even prouder of their achievements, even more enthusiastic to come to school and expand their learning horizons, and where, you the parents, can see and sense the growing maturity and confidence in your child.

Welcome to the best education that Alexandria has to offer, Welcome to The British School, Alexandria; a developing centre for excellence in learning and preparation for life and leadership.

Darren E. Hugill