Payment of tuition fees

Parents are reminded of the terms and conditions for the payment of fees.  Annual fees in advance are due 30 June each and attract a significant discount. Parents can opt to pay each term – installments are due at the end of the preceding term.  Please remember to provide Finance with details of the payment so this can be credited to the student’s account.

Late payments are subject to reminders from the Accountant and the Bursar and then the Principal is advised.

After referral to the Principal, continued late payment will result in

1.     one day exclusion in the first week

2.     two days exclusion in the following week

3.     Referral to the board and exclusion from the school.

All late payments are subject to interest charges of 2% on the outstanding balance monthly. Therefore any outstanding fees as at 30 November 2013 will be charged an additional 2%. 

Only students who have paid full fees up to date may attend a school trip or excursion.

You may make payment at QNB or HSBC or in person at the Finance Office in either Egyptian or Sterling using credit or debit cards.  Use of credit cards will attract an additional charge. Finance, now located in The Garden Office next to the Consulate Campus on Mahmoud Abou Ela St, is open 7:45am to 3:30pm.