'Oliver', the Musical - Please sir can I have some more??

Mon, 07/12/2015 - 15:12 -- Lydia Makram

The British School, Alexandria recently staged the famous musical 'Oliver', Lionel Bart's adaption of Dicken's novel Oliver Twist. The Year 7s and 9s put on an abridged version of the 1960's musical and it’s the first time the Senior school has tackled a musical and wow what a show!

The Story

It's an age-old tale about good winning over the forces of evil. A little orphan boy escapes the clutches of the Workhouse and his keeper at the Funeral Parlour and becomes a pick-pocket living on the streets of London. He mistakenly joins a gang of petty criminals led by the infamous Fagin, a crusty old miser and small-time villain. Oliver is befriended by Dodger, an artful East London Cockney lad from the gang and his adventures begin. 

The story was very well portrayed by Y9 students taking principal roles and from Year 7 playing the orphans. The demanding role of Oliver, was admirably played by Tallah El Ali. Her effort and commitment to the show was impressive. Many of roles, even though cameo parts, were exposed with solo acting and singing. This makes the show a challenging prospect for any young performer. The pace of the show and energy was palpable and there were some notable and exceptional performances from the main cast members. The set was expertly put together by our campus staff.

A team effort? Yes indeed it was...

The Prep School helped us with not only 14 children from Years 5 and 6 to sing 'Oompah Pah', but also Mr Booth was on loan to us, a Year 3 class teacher and accomplished pianist. Mr Larter (Drama teacher) took on a dame role as Widow Corney and Ms Terry(English teacher) was Mrs Bumble. This pair played the booming, greedy and rather cruel caretakers of the Workhouse but in true BSA fashion gave terrific support to the cast as a whole; of course Mr Larter was the production director.

Mr Blakebrough, Principal of BSA stated how impressed he was with the performance and the fact that two thirds of the Senior school students were involved, was a great experience for everyone.' 

My sincere thanks goes to everyone for their input and patience. As Head of Music, I felt great pride that we had taken all concerned on a wonderful journey of creative discovery. Here's to next year and many more Performing Arts projects.

For more photos, please see the photo gallery page.

Ms Suzanne Patrick
Head of Music / Director of Creative Arts