Lower School Earth Day extravaganza!

Tue, 28/04/2015 - 08:19 -- Lydia Makram

On the 23rd of April, Lower School had an amazing day to celebrate Earth day. Students were asked to wear green to spread the environmental spirit. Alongside of that,  they had to donate 20 LE that will be used for future plans by the Eco-Warriors (also known as Environmental Club). They have decided that the money raised will go towards funding proper recycle bins sets. Towards the end of the day, each class was asked to build a specific letter made entirely out of water bottles to spell out ‘RECYCLE’, by doing so the students realized how fun and easy it was to recycle bottles instead of throwing them in the nearest bin. We hope that this will encourage students to continue to recycle.

Nadia Bitar & Andrew D-S