Primary Teaching Staff

Head of Pre-Prep School

Deirdre Greaney

Ms Greaney joined The British School in January 2012 as FS2 class teacher and was promoted to Head of Pre-Prep in April 2013. Ms Greaney spent a number of years teaching in  Ireland and the Red Sea in Sharm and El Gouna. Ms Greaney studied Economics and Maths before completing her PGCE. She enjoys visiting her family here and in Ireland during the holidays and she enjoys Zumba and Kick boxing when she gets the time to visit the gym.

FS2 Red and Joint Deputy Head of Pre-Prep

Kerry Lynch

This is the seventh year for Ms Lynch in Egypt, previously she was a teacher at Gems Academy. Previously she was working in Abu Dhabi both as a teacher, the foundation Stage co-ordinator and an Early Years support teacher advising on a new curriculum that was being introduced within Abu Dhabi. She has also worked in Thailand and spent time in Jamaica doing volunteer work.  She is from the UK where she studied at Manchester Metropolitan University and Northumbria University. 

She has a 7month old baby who takes up all of her free time these days. She loves to travel and have lived and worked abroad for several years.


FS1 White

Bilkis Umerji

Mrs Umerji's new BSA journey is certainly an exciting one for herself and her family. She has moved to Alexandria with her Husband Kal, daughter Khadeejah who is aged 4 and her son Muhammad-Ibraheem aged 2. Her children are the centre of her life and most of her free time is spent with them. Mrs Umerji has visited Egypt as a tourist four times, including Alexandria and she has enjoyed all her visits. 

She studied 'BA (Hons) in Primary Education' and graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2008 and as part of her degree she taught English in Sweden for 3 months. She started her first teaching job in September 2008 in Blackburn (her home town) and she has worked in Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2. She is passionate about teaching and she is looking forward to working at the BSA and gaining some valuable experiences and embracing the Egyptian culture. 

FS1 Blue

Gwenaëlle Techer

Gwen was born on a French Island in the Indian Ocean called La Reunion. After studying English and American literature and civilisation in Toulouse, South of France she worked in British schools as a foreign language assistant which triggered a passion for education. Gwen qualified as a teacher in Swansea Wales and went on to teach in various schools in London where she has worked and gained experience in Early Years for six years. Gwen decided to move onto new adventures and is eager to work at British School Alexandria and to discover the Egyptian culture. 

FS1 Red and Joint EAL Co-ordinator

Fatima Benkacem

Mrs Benkacem's family and herself are extremely excited to be part of BSA. She has 4 children: her sons Hakim and Bilaal are aged 23 and 20 and her daughters Sakeena and Yameena are aged 6 and 3 and are both attending BSA. She is passionate about offering children a solid foundation for the rest of their learning journey, as she finds being part of a child’s first few years of educational experience extremely rewarding. Mrs Benkacem holds a BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies and a Post Graduate Certificate in Primary Education, both obtained at Roehampton University (Froebel College) in London. She has over 8 years teaching experience whereby she has been able to confidently build on children’s interests and provide learning opportunities, which allow children to question the world around them, think creatively, take risks, communicate with others and develop their social skills. She provides children with a secure, fun, learning environment whereby they are all respected for who they are, and their individual contributions are valued. She has found that this has made children feel positive about themselves and confident about trying new things. She fell in love with Egypt many years ago on holiday, so she is really happy to be living and teaching in Alexandria.

FS2 Blue

Shauni Hansen

Miss Hansen joined the Pre-Prep team in August 2014 and is the FS2 Blue teacher. Miss Hansen is a fully qualified Early Years teacher from England. She studied at the University of Cumbria and graduated in 2014. She enjoys reading and promoting the love of reading to others. She also enjoys drawing and traveling to new places. 

FS2 White

Laura Cassidy

Miss Cassidy is from Ireland, where she studied art and design before obtaining her PGCE in London. She began her teaching career working in the Foundation Stage in a school in London, where she enjoyed working creativity to support the children’s learning and development. Following her passion for art, Miss Cassidy then worked as a specialist art teacher in London, Dublin, Cambodia and Dubai teaching in the Early Years and throughout the Primary Years. She has recently relocated to Alexandria and is very happy to be back working in the Foundation Stage.  She is looking forward to exploring Egypt.

Y1 White

Laureesha Fuller

Miss Fuller is from the Birmingham area of the West Midlands in the UK where she lives with her large extended family. Before starting at BSA she taught for 11 years in schools within the Birmingham area, teaching in FS1, FS2 and Year 1 as well as leading RWI and KS1. Miss Fuller has a passion for the early years and believes that children need a strong foundation to build a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

Miss Fuller enjoys reading, working out when she has the time and travelling. She is looking forward to exploring Egypt and the rich culture and history it has to offer in addition to other countries in the surrounding area.

Y1 Red

Lesley Browne

Mrs Lesley Ann Browne is from the UK and she has taught in both KS1 and KS2. She has worked in several international schools in Europe and the Middle East. She has a degree in Science, QTS and a Master degree in Education. Mrs Browne has travelled extensively around the world and is passionate about exploring different cultures and food. She is here in Egypt with her family. Mrs Browne is passionate about teaching and always likes to be creative and explore new ideas.

Y2 Blue and joint SENCO

Aimee Evans 

Miss Evans is a 23 year old newly qualified teacher from Wales in the United Kingdom. She was born in a seaside town called Aberystwyth and lived there with her mother, stepfather and twin sister. After many years studying childhood and education and a year as a teaching assistant in a Year 3 and 4 classroom, Miss Evans studied a PGCE at Swansea University, where she gained experience in Year 5 and Reception (FS2). She enjoys reading, keeping fit and learning about new cultures. She cannot wait to begin her new Y2 class!

Y2 White

Rebecca McLaughlin

Mrs McLaughlin joined the Pre-Prep team in August 2014. She graduated from Stranmillis University College, Belfast with a Bachelor of Education Primary (Hons) in July 2010. This is her fifth year teaching in Egypt. Mrs McLaughlin loves to travel, especially to visit her family in Ireland, during the school holidays. 

Y2 Red and Primary Mathematics Co-ordinator

Dafydd Wynne

Mr Wynne comes from Wales in the United Kingdom. His wife and son will be joining him very soon. His wife is called Rachel and she is also a teacher. Reuben is his son's name and he is 3 years old. Mr Wynne has been teaching for 10 years and enjoys playing all sports, eating delicious foods and learning about new cultures. Mr Wynne is very excited to be here in beautiful Alexandria


Head of Prep School

Jayney Lucas

Miss Jayney Lucas joined the Prep School team in October 2010. Miss Lucas studied a Bachelor of Education at the University of Bangor in Wales specialising in Primary Education. She has taught in a range of Primary schools in the UK and has also spent a lengthy time teaching in several British schools in Egypt. She has had experience in teaching year groups from 1-6, but prefers teaching in Keystage 2. She enjoys reading updates about education and has completed different courses, which has involved leading different projects within school. In her spare time, she enjoys attending spinning classes and exercising.


Y3 Red and Deputy Head of Prep

Sarah Christie

Mrs Christie comes from Liverpool, England and began her teaching career at Edge Hill University where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching, Learning and Mentoring, with First Class Honours. She then went on to complete her PGCE in Primary Education with the University of Cumbria. She prides herself on being a creative and passionate teacher who has great enthusiasm for inspiring children. She has taught in different year groups across both Key Stages. She thrives on making the education of all pupils her first concern. Mrs Christie and her family love to travel and are happy to be here in Egypt.

Y3 Blue, Primary ICT Co-ordinator and School Council

Rhodri Camplin

Mr Davies-Camplin (Mr DC) joined The British School in August 2015 having just completed his NQT year in a year 3 class in Newport, Wales.  He is from Pembrokeshire in west Wales and has studies at Cardiff university, graduating with a 2:1 in business management and marketing and most recently the university of Wales Trinity St Davids to complete his teacher training. He is a massive football fan and enjoys keeping fit by playing football, running, swimming and going to the gym. 

Year 3 White

Elizabeth Cuthbertson

Miss Cuthbertson is known by the children and she teaches as Miss C. She completed her 3 year teaching degree at York St John University and graduated in 2012. She taught Year 6 for two years at her first school in Darlington (where she is from) and completed her NQT year here. Then she moved back to York and taught Year 3 for two years at Collingham  (a 30minute drive from York). In this last year before moving to Alexandria, she has taught Year 1 - Year 6 in various schools around the York area. She loves her job and likes that every day is different and full of new opportunities for learning.

In her spare time, she enjoys keeping fit by going to dance and zumba classes. She also loves to read and tries to read every night before she goes to sleep! When in England, Miss C regularly goes to the theatre as she is passionate of performing arts. She is hoping to learn Arabic whilst here in Alexandria, explore the historical sites of the city and gain other new interests.

Y4 Blue and Student Leadership Co-ordinator

Richard Galloway

Before the BSA Mr Galloway was last seen teaching in Northern Canada in The Yukon. Originally from the UK he moved to Canada when he married his wife, Christa. He has a six year old son Oscar.
Mr Galloway qualified with a B.Ed. from Liverpool University where he graduated with Honors. He spent time teaching in the UK and The Philippines before going on a bit of a walk about. 
In that time he studied Art and Design in London, worked for a prestigious cruise line and ran his own photography business with his wife before returning to teaching.
Mr Galloway and his family love travel and are delighted to be here in Egypt. He's looking forward to the challenge of teaching at the British School and has been amazed at the friendliness of everyone here.

Year 4 Red and Primary English Co-ordinator

Rachel Keelin

Miss Keelin is from Kent, in the U.K, but has spent most of her adult life and teaching career in London where she taught in an inner-city school for several years. More recently, Miss Keelin moved her family 8000 miles away to live and work in the Falkland Islands, which was a big change from London! Miss Keelin has 3 children who will also be attending BSA joining FS1, Year 1 and Year 5- they are all very excited by life in Egypt and are looking forward to making lots of new friends!

Miss Keelin obtained a BSc (Hons) in Applied Psychology from Durham University and after having her first child returned to university to complete her PGCE. Most recently, Miss Keelin obtained her NPQML (middle leadership qualification) through the Institute of Education, London.

Miss Keelin is very excited to be living and working in Egypt and is eager to spread her love of reading and writing throughout her class and the school. She is also looking forward to lots of breaks in the sunshine and exploring all that this culturally-rich, historic country has to offer.  

PPA Teacher

Jessica Atkey

Ms Atkey is from Southampton, a big city in the United Kingdom. She studied at Goldsmiths University in London and obtained a PGCE in 2012. After two years teaching in inner city London, she travelled to Cambodia and taught at the British School in the capital, Phnom Penh. Ms Atkey has a particular interest in teaching through drama and creativity. She loves to travel and is always looking for her next adventure! 


Year 5 Blue and PPA Teacher

Brydie O'Sullivan

Miss O'Sullivan is from South Wales. She graduated from Swansea University with a degree in Psychology in 2013 and also studied her PGCE in Swansea, graduating in 2014. In 2015, Miss O'Sulilvan was a newly qualified teacher who taught a year 1 class. She is very excited to teach Year 5 this year. Miss O'Sullivan loves to read and dance, especially ballet dancing. Hopefully the children of BSA will share her love for dance too.

Year 5 Blue and Primary Science Co-ordinator

Ros Canning

Ros Canning is very pleased to be teaching back in Alexandria. She comes from New Zealand but have lived in London for the last 29 years. She taught English as a Foreign Language in Alex in 1980 and in Cairo 1981 - 1982, and have had 3 holidays in Egypt since then. She taught in London for 17 years and was Deputy Head at another school for the last 6 1/2. She is looking forward to getting to know the school community here. She enjoys travelling, particularly in the Middle East and loves cooking.At home in London Ms Canning enjoys gardening and walking. 

Y5 Red

Tehmina Hasware

Ms Hasware has recently completed her PGCE  from Edgehill University in England. She has lived in Alexandria for 5 years and it is her hobby of travelling that has bought her to Egypt. She has enjoyed exploring Egypt and will continue the explorations. Apart from travelling she likes to read, swim and spend time with her family and friends. She has 2 amazing girls that attend BSA too

Ms Hasware is super excited to now begin her teaching career in the BSA and hopes that she can instil the love of learning into all the children she teaches.

Y6 Blue

Dean Shanks

Mr Shanks is entering his fourth year working for the British School. He graduated from the University of Hull with a Primary Teaching degree in 2014. His favourite book series is Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ (something which he hopes his new class will share) and he maintains a huge interest in football (supporting his beloved Newcastle United). His other hobbies include going to the cinema, tennis and reading.

Y6 Red

Mohsen Saleh

Mr Saleh has a Bachelor Degree in Education and Master’s in Teaching (Primary) from Western Sydney University in Australia. He spent a number of years teaching in both private and public schools in Sydney. Throughout his career, Mr Saleh prepared and mentored his students in sitting nationwide literacy and numeracy assessments and yielded pleasing academic results. He thoroughly enjoys reading and hopes to instil this same love and zeal into his students, particularly the works of Shakespeare. Mr Saleh is a coffee enthusiast. He loves to travel with his wife and is excited to explore the gems of Egypt!

PE teacher

Bassma Nashaat

Mrs Bassma Nashaat joined the BSA as a PE teacher in 2014 for the foundation stage. During the past academic years till present she has gained a lot of experiences from the staff. Working in BSA has enriched her as a person, through the activities she has attended and organised; especially the BSA sports day that she has organised and supervised during this academic year, it consisted of small group games and all the kids had a certificate as an appreciation for participating.


Nelly Bakr

Mrs. Nelly is a specialist French and Art teacher working since 2009 in the British school of Alexandria. Graduated from Saint Jeanne Antide School and Fine Art University in 2007. She is teaching different year groups all over the school. She received “the Alliance Française” diploma “AF”. She worked in Kuwait for two years before joining our school in “Oxford international school of Kuwait”. She likes singing and painting and she participated in lots of concerts and Art Exhibitions.


Cherouine Ragab

Mrs Cherouine joined The British School in August 2014 to teach French in the Prep and Lower Schools .

She is graduated from faculty of Arts French department. In 2005-2006, she got a French diploma (DFA1/2) from the commerce Chamber of Paris. In 2008-2009, she got Translation Diploma from the French center. In 2013-2014, another French diploma from the Sorbonne "Niveau B2 " . She taught many years in different schools before joining the international school system. The last school was IBSA for 2 years and there she prepared students for the (DELF) diploma and they got great results.


Amaar Moustafa

Mrs Amaar is a language specialist teacher and children’s learning expert who is entering her fifth year working for the British School, Alexandria.

Her School was “Notre Dame De Sion” and then, graduated from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport with a bachelor degree in computer engineering (AASTMT) 2008.  She was awarded The “General” Educator Diploma in teaching, from the University of Alexandria, faculty of Education and Languages. She received the “Alliance Française” diploma “AF”.

 Mrs Amaar is also a writer and has written many books, stories, songs and musical drama plays for children. Some of them were produced and performed in Bibliotheca Alexandria. She has also participated in many international festivals around the world including India, Ukraine and Japan. , The play Amaar wrote won an award at the World Festival of Children's Performing Arts in Toyama, Japan.

Physical Education

Sarah Fearn

Miss Fearn studied a BA (Hons) in Teaching Secondary Physical Education and graduated from DeMontfort University in 2007. She started her teaching career in Derbyshire and remained there for ten years, being promoted to Head of PE in 2013. Miss Fearn led a successful department achieving strong results over a number of years. She was involved in the development of leadership across the school, training senior students and working with local primary schools in the UK to host their sports festivals. During her time in the UK she led an international exchange programme with Nigeria and after some travel in Africa and the Far East, she decided it was time to experience more of the world by living and teaching in a different country. Alexandria is her first international teaching placement.