Lower School Music

Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. The high-quality music education that your children receive will engage and inspire him/her to develop a love of music and talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. We currently study three units of work per year that are designed to develop the key areas of performance, composing and listening skills. These are as follows:


Key Stage 3






Exploring Sound and Performance

Students will explore the elements of music including pitch, timbre, texture, dynamics and structure. Composing  using  a graphic score  students will be learning to recognise how different experimental sounds can be combined and used expressively.

Ebony & Ivory


Inspired by the track penned by Wonder/McCartney, students will develop their Keyboard/piano skills as well as composing a solo piece in ternary form.

The Blues


Originating from the American Civil War, blues music is as influential as ever. Students will compose their own melody and  lyrics as well as learning to improvise using the keyboard, guitar, drums and voice.


Form & Structure

Structuring a song is one of the fundamental aspects of composition. Students will explore some different world genres and compose using the pentatonic scale.


Composing across two or more genres is common in music and with this unit students will be given the opportunity to compose using skills developed through analyzing  Indian Western music and 'Music from China'

TV & Film

Students will compose the musical short score after deepening their understanding of TV and Film music. They will develop compositional skills through using  various musical devices and music software.


Basic Keyboard and Pitch Notation

Experimental Music‘In the Jungle’

Students will perform and compose in small ensembles using piano, bass, electric guitar, voice and the drums. They will be able to perform two pieces of music, one from notation and one from memory.
Melody Makers - Performing - Perform as part of a group. Recreate a convincing performance of a dance or song for a class concert.

The Beatles – World Guitar

Reggae, Brit pop, rock and folk music will be the areas of focus and students will learn to play the guitar in the style of these three genres. Students will also gain an understanding of Jamaican, Irish and American cultures as well as world events that shaped the music from within these styles.

School of Rock

The main emphasis for this unit is team work and communication. Students will form bands and be able to perform as musicians across a variety of genres

A GCSE unit of work that develops arranging and remixing skills. 

After School Activities: The Oliver Musical Production Club every Sunday at 3.15pm.

Thursday lunch time 12.30pm in Aboul El Ela Campus - Year 5 & 6 Choir Rehearsals.