Mission and Aims

What we are about?

Excellence in Learning and Preparation for Life and Leadership

►Who we are?

The school of choice for the children of Alexandria, offering a high quality British education in an international context.   

►What we do?


Develop inquiring minds 


Challenge students to be successful through high expectations


Offer a broad and balanced programme that encompasses a wide range of experiences


Foster self and mutual respect by building positive relationships  


Prepare students for the opportunities and challenges of modern life

►What this means?

  • We teach to the National Curriculum of England and include an understanding of Egyptian, British and World cultural heritage and Arabic language
  • There  are many and varied opportunities to participate in activities that enrich student experience  and develop the whole person
  • Students work hard and do their best; teachers support different learning styles
  • Teachers, students and parents work and learn together in a safe and stimulating environment
  • Students are encouraged to be curious about their world and to ask questions
  • Students learn about life beyond school and understand that education provides options in today’s multicultural and technological society
  • We applaud success at all levels from small personal triumphs to excellence in external examinations. 


The BSA as well as being the British International school of choice in Alexandria aims to be renowned for its:

  • Examination results with all students at all levels achieving results above what would be expected in relation to UK standards
  • Outstanding quality of teaching with teaching that engages and inspires students and develops lifelong learners
  • Development of students as global citizenship who:
  1. Will have a high level of understanding of Egypt and the world they live in
  2. Will be caring, compassionate global citizens who will want to play their part in contributing to make the world a better place
  3. Will be capable of having a significant impact on the future development of their home country and the world they live in and who will be future leaders in their chosen field of expertise.
  • Broad education which has a focus on the development of the whole person and an international education including the culture and language of Egypt
  • Care for all of its students where students are known and developed as individuals.
  • Development of staff