Maths for Prep

The essence of mathematics is in its freedom”.

-Georg Cantor-

From the outset children at The British School Alexandria are given the opportunity to reach their potential in a maths enriched environment.

Starting in the foundation stage where children will incorporate number recognition, place value and counting into play situations, practical learning and drama. They will begin to learn mathematical vocabulary and apply this to objects in and outside of the classroom. 

Progressing then on into Pre-Prep and Prep where the children will extend their mathematics knowledge and understanding through weekly mental arithmetic activities.  They will partake in daily, engaging lessons and regular opportunities to develop their problem solving skills, mathematical vocabulary and will learn a range of calculation methods to support their future learning.  Children will explore shape, space and measure in detail and will be able to collate, sort and interpret a variety of different charts and graphs. 

ICT is used effectively within all lessons across the school to support teaching and learning and resources are kept up to date and available to all children.  All teachers provide up to date marking ensuring the child is praised and is provided with a future target.  On going assessments are used across the School to ensure lessons are planned to the needs of every child and that both achievement and attainment are monitored rigorously.  Weekly homework is provided for all children to consolidate the learning that has taken place within the classroom and ensures there is dialogue and cohesion for staff, pupils and parents alike. 

On leaving Year 6, the children at The British School Alexandria should be ready and motivated to embark on their Secondary journey with secure, embedded mathematical foundations.