Key Stage 1

Students in Years 1 and 2 continue to build on these principles. We introduce the children to the National Curriculum of England with core subject English, maths and science as well as specialist subjects such as Arabic, music, art, sports and ICT.

We have distinct learning areas: a home corner, a reading space, and area for creative activities such as sand and water play, and a large carpeted area for construction play.

We recognise that young children need good healthy food to give them the energy they need to learn and play throughout a busy day! We provide nutritious snacks and you can sign up your child for breakfast club where they can enjoy the delights of a healthy breakfast with their friends.

In Years 1  & 2 we play, learn and grow together. We treat every child as an individual and create a secure and child centred learning environment both indoors and outdoors, which promotes learning investigation and independence.

We bring out the best in every child...

Curriculum Overviews Summer Term 2021

Year 1:  Curriculum Overview

Year 2:  Curriculum Overview