ISI Inspection 2016

We are very pleased with the outcome and the following gives you a summary of the main findings. Below you will find a link to the ISI Inspection full report.

1) Compliance
The School meets all the requirements of the Standards for British Schools Overseas.

2) Judgements

Pupils’ Achievements and their Learning, Attitudes and Skills Good
Curricular and Extra-curricular provision Good
Teaching Excellent
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development Excellent
Student Welfare, Health and Safety Excellent
Governance Excellent
Leadership and Management Excellent
Links with Parents, Carers and Guardians Excellent

3) Recommendations
The school is advised to make the following improvements:
a) Establish improved systems for tracking and monitoring pupils’ progress and setting targets for improving utilising standardised baseline assessments
b) Create further opportunities for pupils throughout the school to take on greater responsibilities within the school community.

4) Quotations
“The school meets its aims to provide a high-quality education of the whole person, underpinned by outstanding teaching, and to develop knowledgeable global citizens.”
“The school fully meets its aims to prepare pupils for the opportunities and challenges of modern life.  The values of respect and tolerance for others permeate the daily life of the school.  Pupils throughout the school have high levels of self-esteem and self-awareness and they understand the differences between right and wrong.  They show high levels of social development and cultural awareness.”
“Standards of behaviour are very high indeed.”
“Pupils throughout the school from the Foundation Stage onwards have excellent attitudes to learning and show great enthusiasm for their work."
“The school fulfils its aim to provide teaching that engages and inspires students.”
“Relationships between pupils and their teachers in all parts of the school are mutually supportive and foster excellent progress.”
“The school meets its aims to develop caring, compassionate, respectful global citizens, capable of contributing to making the world a better place.  The pupils demonstrate an excellent standard of personal development by the time they leave the school.”
“They [the pupils) are highly personable, self-confident, self-aware, articulate and emotionally mature.  They are courteous and helpful.  They feel happy and safe within school.”
“They demonstrate a keen sense of right and wrong.  Their conduct in and around the school is typically exemplary.  Pupils reflect upon the rights of individuals and readily engage in discussion.  They wrestle with significant moral issues …”
“They live in harmony with their peers who collectively represent many different cultures and religions.”
“Pastoral care throughout the school is of the highest quality and is is fully in accord with the school’s aim to develop pupils who are caring, compassionate and respectful.”
“Governors have a wide and valuable range of experience and skills, including business, financial and educational, and these are employed to excellent effect in support of the school.”
“The senior leadership and management provide a clear educational direction, as demonstrated by the quality of education and standards of personal development of the pupils.”
“The school recognises the importance of the professional development of its teachers and provides suitable continuing training.”
“Teachers indicated in interviews that they feel secure and very well managed and share the school’s vision of providing a distinctively British education embedded in the social and wider context of Alexandria and the region.”
5) Conclusion
We are very pleased with the outcome of this inspection.  The Reporting Inspector in his verbal summing up at the end of the inspection described the British School of Alexandria as “Almost in every respect an excellent school”.
In particular, the report reflects how far we have come in terms of our key aim of developing the whole person and providing a broad education which develops caring, compassionate, respectful global citizens, capable of contributing to making the world a better place. 
We are not a school that is complacent and so we welcome the challenge of moving pupils’ achievements and our curriculum and extra-curriculum provision to excellent.
Our students have been entered for baseline assessments at the start of this academic year and so in future we will be in a much better position to track our students’ progress in relation to other independent schools both in the UK and internationally.  The fact that teaching is judged to be excellent throughout the school is likely to lead to correspondingly high levels of achievement in future years when our current students take their external examinations.  We will also be looking at increasing the range of opportunities for our students to take on greater responsibility and have more opportunities to develop leadership as part of our focus on moving our extra-curriculum / enrichment curriculum from good to excellent.
Although the following areas were either not mentioned or were not represented as major issues, we will also be looking at further development in the following areas.
A more co-ordinated approach to our SEN provision.
More emphasis on stretching and challenging our more-able students.
More emphasis on students taking the initiative in their learning, thinking for themselves, demonstrating intellectual curiosity and developing a greater degree of independence rather than being “spoon fed”.
Ensuring that homework is set consistently and that it is always meaningful and useful.  Ensuring that there is consistency in terms of homework being marked reasonably promptly and that marking is useful to students.
Continuing to ensure that behaviour is excellent across the board as excellent behaviour is essential to effective learning.
Continuing to develop Learning and Teaching and ensuring high quality Continuing Professional Development for staff in this area as Learning and Teaching is the core of what a school does.
Please click on the link below to download the full ISI Inspection report
ISI Inspection Report

Justin Blakebrough