High Performance Learning

We have been awarded the prestigious High Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School Award, which recognises the very best schools across the globe. We are delighted to be recognised as a school at the forefront of educational thinking that has met the demanding standards of the HPL Award and fully embraced the HPL philosophy. 

We have adopted the unique HPL teaching and learning framework to make even greater gains for students by helping them develop the cognitive skills, values, attitudes and attributes they need for academic achievement and success in their future. 

If you want to learn more about High Performance Learning, please visit www.highperformancelearning.co.uk


High Performance Learning (HPL) the BSA way! 

At BSA we have embraced HPL as a philosophy and embarked on this exciting educational journey. As part of this journey, we have adapted the core skills and attitudes associated with HPL and made them bespoke to our unique context. Following recent academic research linked to growth mindsets that there is ‘room at the top’ for more challenging work for all students rather than targeting purely the better performing students. We endeavour to create activities through the deliberate, frequent, regular practice of advanced thinking skills and appropriate learner behaviours linked to the HPL philosophy. We believe that we owe it to our students to enable as many as possible to go as far as possible, thus lifting the lid on learning at the top and enabling them to be more successful in challenging 21st-century world.

We approach these differently throughout the school based on the needs and skills of our students. 

Pre-Prep HPL Tracker

2 Year Cycle

Year A

Year B














Year A  Skills Attitudes


Concerned for , Society, Other People and the Environment





Strategy Planning


Attention to Detail & Accuracy


Problem Solving





Risk Taking



Ambitious with High Standards




Resilience & Perseverance




Creative Thinking

Applying Ideas & Concepts

Creative and Enterprising



Seeing Alternative Perspectives




Year B Skills Attitudes


Speed and Accuracy







Oral Communication

Intellectual Confidence





Enquiring, Questioning and Reflective



Seeing Patterns & Making Comparisons


Critical Thinking




Formulating a conclusion/



Connection Finding


Abstract Thinking


Intellectual Playfulness





  Prep and Senior School

HPL Skills

1) Meta-Cognition

2) Self-Regulation

3) Abstract Thinking

4) Seeing Patterns & making comparisons

5) Connection Finding

6) Analysing

7) Critical Thinking

8) Formulating a Conclusion / Explanation.

9) Seeing Alternative Perspectives

10) Applying Ideas and Concepts

11) Strategy Planning

12) Problem Solving

13) Attention to Detail and Accuracy

14) Intellectual Playfulness

15) Creative Thinking.

16) Automaticity

17) Speed and Accuracy

18) Oral Communication



1) Collaborative

2) Concerned for Society, other People and the Environment

3) Intellectual Confidence

4) Enquiring, Questionning and Reflective

5) Creative and Enterprising

6) Open-minded

7) Risk-taking

8) Practice

9) Resilience & Perseverance

10) Flexible Thinking

11) Ambitious with high standards

12) Hardworking

13) Independent

14) Organised



Autumn 2 term


Spring Term






Year 3


Making comparisons


speed and accuracy




Year 4

Applying ideas



Critical Thinking

Speed and Accuracy

Hard work


Year 5

Intellectual Playfulness

Formulating a conclusion / explanation

Intellectual confidence

speed and accuracy critical thinking 

Hard working


Year 6

Intellectual playfulness

Oral communication

Enquiring, questioning and reflective

Critical Thinking

Speed and Accuracy

Hard work


BSA has evolved since the implementation of this new forward-looking philosophy. We endeavour to systematically grow minds into high performance. School is Primetime for growing minds. We are promoting the cognitive characteristics that you need to be successful in school and beyond. You can see a wide range of pictures taken below throughout the school showing the successful opportunities created since embarking on the HPL journey. 


BSA High Performance Learning conversations for Parents  

Avoid calling your child clever as this can give them an over-inflated opinion of themselves. Focus on effort, process and making mistakes with your children:

  • What HPL skills or attitudes are you using in...(Subject)….? How does it help you to learn?

  • Don’t worry if you don’t understand something right away. 

  • I noticed that you have put in a lot of effort in your …. today. In particular...

  • What have you learned from your mistakes?

  • It is okay to make mistakes, we learn from them.

  • I know you can. If you don't try you won't know that you can. Which part do you find a little challenging?

  • How can we fix it?

  • What can we use to help if we are stuck to get un-stuck?

  • What a great mistake to make. How can we learn from it?

  • You cannot do it...YET! (the power of YET)

  • You can do it, believe me.

  • If you do not try then never know what you could do.

  • 'a good mistake' 

  • Great piece on …. what a wonderful improvement!



Visual promotion of HPL 






And the following 2 strands

Please click on the following link to download the HPL Talk to Parents by Mr David Rowsell

Download the HPL Booklet for Parents here