Drama is starting to have an important role to play in the personal development of our students at the British School in Alexandria. The skills and qualities developed by students in drama, such as teamwork, creativity, leadership and risk-taking are assets in all subjects and all areas of life. Drama stimulates the imagination and allows students to explore issues and experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

It is vital to create an atmosphere of security, trust and concentration. Drama promotes self-esteem and provides all students with a sense of achievement regardless of academic ability. It's about social skills, communication skills and having fun….
















Introduction to Drama

Students will have an early introduction to Ancient Greek Theatre, leading on to the use of Mask work. Students will practice melodrama, tableaus, mime and mask in group work.


Through a series of exercises, the students will learn to use emotions in performance.


Group Performance


Students will work towards a Winter production

History of Drama


From Ancient Greek Theatre through to 20th Century Theatre, the students will look at the history of Theatre as it developed through the ages.


Students will work on writing script, which they will further develop during the year.

Group Performance and Set Design


Students will work towards a Winter production, acting and building their own set under supervision.



Understanding  Masks

Students will practice and develop movement skills to further strengthen the use of masks in performance.

Students will learn about the use of masks in Greek theatre and Commedia dell’arte,

Students will learn to make and use their own masks for performance.

  Group Performance

Students will work on a Spring production. They will have the chance to act, dance, co-direct and stage-manage, as well as to manage the lighting, sound and props for the show. Students will be able to evaluate their own skills and abilities after taking part in the production. 

Students will practice and be able to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of voice in performance.

Creating Tension

Through a series of improvisation exercises, the students will strengthen their ability to improvise in solo and group performances.

Students will explore the emotions of anger, fear and sorrow in performance, as well as the use of drama in addressing social issues.

Throughout the year the students will develop their own scripts for performance. Using ghost stories to practice and enhance the use of voice, tension and atmosphere.










Students will learn about improvisation through group exercises.


Stage set-up


Students will learn about stage directions and set-up.

Performing in Context


Students will learn how to modernise an historical text for class performance.




Students will perform a monologue as an individual performance that will be assessed.




Students will perform a monologue as an individual performance that will be assessed.