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Highlights of the report included the following:

“Students feel secure and valued within the friendly mutually trustful learning environment that prevails.”

“Students are happy, polite and keen to learn. They are thoughtful, well-behaved and treat each other with respect.”

“Relationships between teachers and students and students and students and their peers are outstanding and ensure that they feel happy and secure in their learning.”

“The school nurtures responsible students and is highly successful in meeting their social and personal needs.  They display a high level of self-awareness and self-confidence.”

“Students develop excellent attitudes towards learning”

“The quality of students’ personal awareness and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding and a key strength of the school.”

“During the visit not one instance of inappropriate behaviour was observed.”

“Behaviour is exemplary throughout the school.”

“Cultural Awareness is excellent. Students show an awareness, appreciation and respect for each other, the wider world and other cultures.”

“The students value and respect the qualities of each other as individuals and contribute to a harmonious international family.”

“The effective implementation of the school’s anti-bullying policy ensures all students feel safe and secure.  Focus groups of students across the school stated that any unpleasantness is dealt with immediately and effectively.”

“A focus group of parents identified the disciplined, safe and caring environment as a strength of the school.”

 “The school recruits staff of the highest calibre”

“The senior leadership team ……….. are uncompromising in their desire and drive to improve achievement for all students.”

“Great care is taken to ensure all students have opportunities to develop their personal and social skills.  Relationships at all levels are outstanding.  The school has a highly positive impact on student behaviour, in addition to their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.”

“The school has established excellent strategies for engaging parents and carers and as a result, students’ learning is seen as a partnership between home and school.”

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Inspection Report 2019