Computer Science

Computer Science

The ICT curriculum which focused on the use of Word, PowerPoint and Excel no longer applies. The new computing curriculum delivers a more rigorous computer science course with an emphasis on logical thinking. At The British School, Alexandria over the last year we have already incorporated elements of this into schemes of work to prepare students for the changes ahead. Please see below for a brief outline of the foci of each year group and some fun resources students can use at home.

Pre-Prep: Students will be learning what algorithms are. At this stage they will be focusing on breaking down everyday tasks (like recipes or morning routines) into steps/sub-routines or basic sets of instructions. They will be creating basic programs of their own and debugging them as well as accessing everyday digital content. The focus is on developing the foundations of logical/computational thinking.

Prep School:  Slightly older students will be creating and debugging more complicated programs with specific goals and getting to grips with concepts including variables and “sequence, selection, and repetition in programs. They will be learning to use websites and other internet services.

Lower School: Once children enter senior school they will be using two or more programming languages to create their own programs. Students will be learning simple Boolean logic, working with binary numbers, and studying how computer hardware and software work together.

Upper School:  Students undertake the IGCSE in Computer Science which requires some high level programming and developing of the ideas covered in the Lower School.

Sixth Form: Students take the AS and A Level Computing course which covers both theoretical and practical aspects of computing and sees them faced with the challenge of using their skills to complete an A Level Project in a program of their choice.

Useful Resources

Online programming for fun (KS1-KS3)

 (KS3- KS5)

Assessment Grades for Computer Science 2018-19

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Key Stage 4 (ICT)