Foundation Stage 1

The British school offers entry for children who are three years old or older on the first of September. Children are assessed for entry into our FS1 class at the beginning of the spring term (January). Families who are interested are invited to come in for an interview with the Principal. Both Parents and child are required to attend this meeting. The Registrar confirms offer of place after 48 hours of interview. The British School will then liaise with feeder nurseries to organise for members of our teaching staff to visit the children’s nurseries and assess their readiness for the Foundation Stage of school. These visits are within two weeks of the interviews with the Principal. If there are spaces available in the FS1 class assessments may also take place at other times of the year.

Foundation Stage 2

Children are invited to join the class for a taster day and are observed by teachers and assistants to assess their readiness for the education that we offer, including their English language ability, their behaviour and for their social skills with the other children and adults in the class.

Prep Department

Prospective pupils are accepted from Year 1 (aged 5 or older on the first of September) to Year 6 (aged 10). Pupils are invited to join the class for the day and during the day will undergo a series of assessment tasks relevant to their age and the expectations of our school. They will also be engaged in conversation by the teaching staff throughout the day to assess their level of spoken English. Generally, only fluent English speakers are admitted to school, however less able English speakers could be admitted if places permit. The British School offers learning support through the class room and through individual help.

Lower & Upper School Department

Admission to the Secondary department is highly selective. All prospective pupils will undergo entrance assessments which may vary accordingly. Pupils will also be interviewed by a member of the secondary leadership team to appraise their spoken English ability and their general attitude towards their academic studies and school life.