Assessment in Primary

In Primary, students from Years 1-6 are assessed using our pupil tracker software called Pupil Asset. This allows teachers to track on a regular basis, which objectives are being met. Formative assessments are formulated by teachers based on their performance in lessons as well as summative assessments. The objectives are in line with the 2015 British National curriculum.

Students are assessed with the following criteria,

  • Working Towards means the student is working towards the expected level for the end of the academic year.
  • Expected means the student is where they would be expected to be by the end of the academic year. 
  • Exceeding is when a student is clearly working above what would be expected by the end of the academic year.

Teachers aim to ensure that the majority of students achieve “Expected” by the end of the academic year in their different subjects with some “Exceeding” and a few who might still be “Working Towards”.

Assessment in Senior

In Seniors, we report on pupils’ current “Forecast GCSE/A-level grades” and their “Target GCSE/A-level grades”.  These are used throughout Seniors from Year 7 to Year 13. For example in Year 7, on the basis of their most recent assessment, a pupil would be given a “Forecast GCSE grade” that informs the parent and pupil what grade we think s/he is likely to achieve in Year 11 on the basis of their most recent work/assessments.  If, for example, a pupil was obtaining top marks across the board in all their work in a subject, then it is likely that their “Forecast GCSE grade” would be an A*. As pupils progress through to Year 11, their Forecast grade will become more accurate. The Target grade is an aspirational target grade. It is the grade that we think the pupil is capable of achieving if they really push themselves – it is the grade they should be aspiring to.

Currently most IGCSE examination grades are still reported on an A*-G scale, however in the next year or two this is likely to change to a scale of 9 to 1, with grade 9 being the highest grade and 1 the lowest. Grade C will be equivalent to a grade 4/5.

The Senior Department issues four reports per year to keep parents informed of progress and staff regularly track the progress of pupils and, where necessary, put in appropriate intervention.