The BSA’s Art Department aims to influence, guide and inspire students to create and understand diverse thinking skills. The subject teaches pupils to embark on a range of practical skills with the intention to analyse their outcome.

The department offers a broad range of artistic methods which will derive from fine art to sculpture. The fundamentals of art become the main starting point from Year 7, 8 and 9, giving students the opportunity to practice varied drawing, painting and mark making techniques.

In year 10 Art is taken as a GCSE option which allows students to become free in their ideas and skill choices. This gives them the chance to show off their talent, which they continue to share and discuss with their peers to give understanding to the artistic concept and their individual theme

Pupils create their own individual sketchbooks which log and show a clear progression through the artistic journey. Each workshop helps build artistic knowledge that is essential for the pupils learning process and helps them build confidence in the application of the art.

The department thrives on a happy atmosphere that is also an enjoyable hard working environment. The department also has an open door policy which allows pupils to use their free time to come and explore or continue from the timetabled lessons.