To resume the aim of the Arabic Language Department is to enrich students with general knowledge and provide them with more skills and experiences for all levels of study. Emphasis is placed on both reading and writing skills along with useful activities.

In Primary, the Arabic library has been developed, and students were encouraged to borrow books so that the relationship between the students and the books became stronger than it was which led to more confidence in

In Secondary, the writing classes were planned as workshops to reach a better level in terms of the way of thinking and language used.

In order to provide the students with community experiences and to link the curricula with the community and other subjects, trips played a big role. We gave students the chance to visit one of the largest dairy products factories in Egypt (LABANITA) to be fully aware of how these products are made and to see the production lines. The trip was organised between both of the Arabic department and Science department.
Moreover, we organised another trip to Cairo which pleased the students and made them more proud of their country as they went to different places such as pyramids, Al-Azhar Park, Salah al-Din Citadel, Al-MoezStreet and the whole area of Al Hussein.

The trip was meant to show the link between both the Arabic and the Art department.
The third trip was to visit the SWIZA Chocolate Factory to learn about the history of the chocolate industry, its methods of manufacturing, and its health, psychological and social impact on people. It has been associated with the Humanities Department, so we have achieved diversity in the trips to extend the curriculum in order to give the students useful information.
We always hope and work to offer our children the most helpful and enjoyable atmosphere to be able to achieve more.

Assessment Grades for Arabic 2018-19

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Key Stage 4