Admissions & Parents

The British School, Alexandria is a selective school and admission is subject to assessment and interview.

Whilst the school would prefer assessments to take place in the spring term ready for entry in the new academic year, we understand that this is not always possible in an international setting and assessments are carried out throughout the year.

Assessments are subject to there being vacancies in specific classes.  Copies of reports from the children’s previous schools should be available before the children are assessed. For Foundation Stage admissions, the British School requires the latest copy of the child’s nursery report, whilst in Primary and Secondary years reports for the last three academic years in previous schools are mandatory as well as a formal letter of recommendation from their form tutor.

Please contact the School Registrar either by phone or by e-mail to

For further queries or should you require reserving a parent tour, please contact the Registrar by email: or by telephone (03) 544 5426 Ext. 5 or in person at 7 Kafr Abdou street, Kafr Abdou. Office hours are from Sunday to Thursday 8am to 3pm.