Election of Parent Representatives

We will shortly be holding an election for Parent Representatives for the following sections of the school.
  • FS
  • Years 1 and 2
  • Prep
  • Lower Senior (Years 7 to 9)
  • Upper Senior  (Years 10 to 13)
The elected Parent Representatives will meet with the Principal once every half-term.  The elected Parent representatives will also attend part of a Board Committee meeting once a term to give their views to the governors and for the governors to talk to the elected Parent representatives. 

The elected Parent Representatives will not be governors and will not have any power as such. The purpose of the Parent Representatives will be to further improve communication between parents and the school. The period of office would be 1 year. The purpose of the meetings would be to discuss general issues and not issues concerning individual parents/students. If an individual parent had a particular concern about their child, then they would follow the normal procedure of discussing this first with the class teacher, then the Head of School and then if necessary the Principal.

If you would be interested in standing for election, then please complete the following and send these details to Manal Saber at info@bsalex.net. The deadline for receiving submissions will be Monday 20th November 2017
Note:  Existing Parent Representatives are welcome to stand for a second term.
Justin Blakebrough


Section of School (FS, Yrs 1/2, Prep, Lower Senior or Upper Senior)  
Name of Children and which class(es) they are in  
How long you have been at the BSA for  
What you have to offer / Why other parents should vote for you  (maximum of 200 words)