About Us

The British School, Alexandria in few words...

The British School, Alexandria was established in 1984 in the grounds of the British Consulate. Located in the residential district of Roushdy, the school benefits from easy access to local resources. Over the past 30 years it has expanded onto five further sites, currently educates around 470 students aged 3 to 18 from 23 different countries and is continuing to grow.

We are a not-for-profit school that aims to offer the highest quality of British-style education to the local and expatriate communities. Most of our pupils remain at The British School, Alexandria for their entire school careers which gives us the time to build very strong working relationships with pupils and parents.

The British School, Alexandria employs full-time teachers with British teaching qualifications, supported by qualified part-time staff and teaching assistants. Class sizes are small and the school has a lovely family atmosphere. The school prides itself in its pastoral care and every child is treated as an individual. Expectations are high and SATs results are generally above those expected for the age group and IGCSE/GCSE results are excellent. Language support is available for non-English speaking students. All students study Arabic as the host country language. An extensive extra curricula programme is offered. A "Friends of the School" group organises regular activities, many of which raise funds both for the School and local charities.

Here in Alexandria staff feel safe and secure and are able to go about their daily business as usual. The general populace is welcoming and genuinely interested in foreigners who choose to live and work in Alexandria.  We believe we are living through a seminal moment in the history of the region and are eye witness to the ongoing development of democracy in Egypt. Through our Young Arab Voices project, which seeks to facilitate debate and discussion about the role of democracy and citizenship throughout the Middle East, we are actively involved in articulating the aspirations of a generation.